Thursday, May 23, 2019
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CUCPS 4-H Participants Recognized at School Board Meeting Featured

Cumberland students have had a long history of participating in the 4-H programs. Fourth grade 4H club officers were recognized at the May 2019 meeting of the Cumberland School Board. The officers for each homeroom are as follows:

  • Mr. Baldwin’s Homeroom:  Peyton Turner, President; Allahajah Harris, Vice President; Harland Patterson, Secretary; and Kionna Copeland, Reporter.
  • Mrs. Burruss’ Homeroom:  Takiyah Hampton, President; Jayla Augustin, Vice President; Serenity Kitt, Secretary; and Kiona Harris, Reporter.
  • Mrs. Gilbert’s Homeroom:  Javion Tiller, President; Madilyn Jackson, Vice President; Brett Dalton, Secretary; and Makayla Bevins, Reporter.
  • Mrs. Hughes’s Homeroom: Diego Alvarez, President; LaNayah Gray, Vice President; Hunter Hodges, Secretary; and Karma Dudley, Reporter.
  • Mrs. Kinney’s Homeroom: Kamira Holman, President; Alana Johnson, Vice President, Jasyiah Baker, Secretary; and Makiya Hawkins, Reporter.

In addition, the following students were recognized for their awards in the 4H District Speech and Presentation contest: James Wenzel, for his presentation on whales in the Junior Division (Blue Ribbon); Alana Johnson, for her presentation on the coral reef in the Junior Division (Purple Ribbon); Haley Paschall, for her presentation on the Bermuda Triangle in the Junior Division (Blue Ribbon), and Peyton Turner, for her presentation on Girl Scouts in the Junior Division (Blue Ribbon).


The 4-H officers receiving certificates at the School Board meeting including Alana Johnson, 4H Vice President in Mrs. Kinney’s homeroom; and Peyton Turner, 4H President in Mr. Baldwin’s homeroom.


Winners in the 4H District Speech and Presentation contest receiving their certificates at the School Board meeting included Alana Johnson, Peyton Turner, Haley Paschall, and James Wenzel.

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